Extreme stability in the Riding position – W fishing kayak demo video

This video focuses on the unrivaled lateral stability the W kayak offers its user in the Riding position.

It is played in 1:8 slow motion in order to enable the viewer’s eyes to capture the extreme up-and-down swings of the hulls, as the 200 lbs paddler swiftly shifts his weight left and right.

The volume of each of this kayak’s twin hulls can support this paddler’s entire weight, which enables him to pull each of the 14″ high hulls out of the water by leaning on its twin hull on the other side of the kayak.

Note that your legs support your upper body from both sides, and your feet are in a direct vertical line below your body.

paddling a fishing kayak - top view

Top view of W kayaker in the riding posture

Cross section of a W500 fishing kayak

The figure shows how the paddler rides the W kayak’s saddle:

Paddling the W kayak in the riding posture

The above Riding position is more stable and powerful than the Sitting position below:

Paddling the W kayak in the sitting posture


Riding is the most stable and comfortable position in paddling, and it offers best control over your kayak, and the most leverage on your paddle.
In the Riding position you’re straddling the W kayak’s saddle in a way that’s similar to riding the saddle of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), a snowmobile, or a jet-ski. Your thighs, legs and feet are positioned below your upper body, which enables them to take an active part in all your efforts: Balancing, Control and Paddling, in the most powerful and effective manner.

Riding is the best position for beginning W Kayakers, and it is also the best position in extreme applications such as whitewater and surf paddling.

Note that your previous experience in traditional kayaking while being seated in the L position does not offer you any advantage in learning how to operate a W kayak, which is a new and different type of paddle craft that offers higher performance and extended versatility.


Riding is the preferred position for fishing, rivaling only with standing.
When you cast and fish riding you have more power and control, and a greater range of motion than when casting in the sitting position.
Many W kayak anglers who suffer from severe physical limitations and disabilities resulting from old age, spine problems and excess weight can spend long hours paddling their W kayak and fishing from it without getting out of it, as they write in many of the testimonials they’ve contributed >


  1. baitshop boy

    I like the normal speed version better, it’s incredible. The slow motion gives your brain time to get used to what’s going on, and it kind of diminishes the dazzling effect. But it’s still impressive.

  2. Michael Chesloff

    I had the opposite reaction to Baitshop Boy. The slow-motion makes it undeniable to even the most skeptical minds that the film is an accurate portrayal of the Wavewalk’s unmatched stability. So having both versions is good! 🙂

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