How I rigged my W kayak for fly fishing, by Bill Davenport

I haven’t really had the chance to fish it properly because of the heat. I don’t go as far out as the fish do when water temps hit the seventies inshore. I fished freshwater once and caught some small bass, the W preforms perfectly.
I do like to lean back on occasion, hence the seat. The saddle brackets helped make the fitting go easily. I’ve been posting pictures on facebook and always get comments, what is it?
I’ve been driving around with the W on top and get looks and questions constantly.
I’m having a blast trying to be a good ambassador for Wavewalk. Bill

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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Bill,

    Yeah, the 97 F (36 C) we have here is hot by any standard…

    Your yak is turning into a masterpiece!
    I even like the seat you made, not just because of the use of saddle brackets, but mainly because I can see a 6’3″ guy your age who happens to be suffering from a bad knee could benefit from sitting higher above the saddle, and even from leaning backward, occasionally.
    The stripping basket is classic.
    Hey, why don’t you camouflage your car to match your W kayak? 😉


  2. Fish Wiz

    Looks perfect!

  3. BDavenport

    Eventually the car will get it too. . .

  4. fish kayak

    Then I’m pretty sure they’ll do a story on you in the Boston Globe! 😀

  5. Pete

    This kayak is unbelievable… even the seat looks great 🙂
    I’m sure some people shoot pictures of this boat and show their friends.

  6. baitshop boy

    Great job on that camo design!!!

  7. Marco

    Bill, I don’t see how any cop could ever give you a ticket with that thing attached on top of your car. You’re immune, man! 😀

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