Offshore kayak fishing trip around Muuido island, by Sungjin Kim

I took my motorized Wavewalk kayak on an offshore fishing trip.
The plan was to go after flounder and perch around Muuido island.
When I use the kayak inland I no longer attach outriggers to it, but for trips in the ocean I still feel I need the extra safety the outriggers provide.

I made a map of this trip. Muuido is the big island, and it’s 5 km (3 miles) long. The trip was 30.5 km long (19 miles).

The fuel economy of the 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard motor is amazing.

Sungjin Kim

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7 thoughts on “Offshore kayak fishing trip around Muuido island, by Sungjin Kim”

  1. Thanks Sungjin,

    Such beautiful photos, as always! 🙂
    19 miles at sea is more than I’d like to paddle. Motorizing makes things easy and more enjoyable.


  2. I can relate to Sungjin’s concern that got him to stick to his outriggers when he drives his motor-yak offshore. That area has some very large cargo ships and tankers going in it, and the wakes they produce can travel long distances and be several feet high, especially when they get close to shore, in shallow water. This isn’t exactly something you expect to get hit by when you’re driving or fishing close to the beach, and while I doubt it’s a really such a huge threat, it could be scary.

  3. Pete,
    That may be true in the breakers area, which is the more active area in the surf, where the waves ‘climb’ upward and become more vertical. But if you stay away from this line, you’d need a huge storm, or a tsunami to endanger you. But stuff happens, of course, which is why we recommend going on such offshore trips in a group of paddlers or anglers, and not by yourself.


  4. The breakers area is not somewhere you want to stay in. You just pass there on your way in and out. Besides, I doubt outriggers could help anyone getting hit by a rogue wave or a huge wake just when they’re in the breakers zone. You have to be extremely unlucky for something like that to happen to you, but then again, stuff happens!

  5. Well, I kind of see Sungjin’s point. He’s probably thinking that this kayak needs some more flotation because of the outboard’s extra weight, so why not use that flotation for extra stability and safety?

  6. Hello Sungjin-

    Another amazing story of real-life adventure in a Wavewalk! The pictures are great and the video illustrates the right way to use an outboard. What I mean is that you are positioned in your Wavewalk so it is balanced and riding level. As a result, you are not getting any water in the boat from either the stern or the front, even without a spray skirt. Beautiful!

    I don’t think any other kayak (you know, a one-person watercraft that is a joy to paddle) allows you to put your seat anywhere you like along a six-foot line, fore to aft and thereby keep it balanced, after it is loaded with fishing gear, etc. From the other side of the world comes expertise that is useful to everyone. Thank you Sungjin!


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