Our first kayak fishing trip to Door County this year, by John Fabina

Jeanne and I went on a kayak fishing trip in Door county, a peninsula located between Green Bay and the main part of lake Michigan. It’s mostly a wildlife refuge, and we love going there.
We caught some small Smallmouth who fought hard, and lost a few…



Jeanne sneaking on smallmouth
One pesky gar!
At first I thought this carp was a smallmouth, it fought hard!
Top view of our Wavewalks from the tower at Peninsula State Park.

Sister Bay Door County, Wisconsin

Sunset in Door County, WIisconsin

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7 thoughts on “Our first kayak fishing trip to Door County this year, by John Fabina”

  1. Thanks John, you guys rock!
    I see you outfitted your yak’s saddle with a stadium seat – simple, easy and comfy, isn’t it?


  2. The stadium seat is just a little bonus to have along. Most of the time I have it folded flat for a cushion. However the beauty of the Wavewalk kayak is that you can always change positions for comfort. Sometimes I deploy the back if I am going to go for a long slow paddle, or maybe just if I am taking a break and having a snack. It adds yet another option to this versatile kayak.

  3. I used a stadium seat a couple of times and it was ok. I guess introducing some change from time to time is a good thing. I must have lost that seat somewhere while I was on my way back from the beach, but I didn’t miss it to a point where I felt I needed to get a new one.
    Great pics! This story makes you want to visit this place.

  4. Gotta love Door County, John. Now, if smallmouth grew as big as that carp, I’d have to consider moving back up there (I bet even Rox never caught a smallie as big as that).

  5. John, when I read your stories phrases such as “America the Bountiful” and “America the Beautiful” come to my mind. Great job!

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