Unofficial state record for a sunfish (bluegill) from a W kayak! by Gary Thorberg

Paul Malm, a.k.a. ‘The Musky Guy’ is a well known fishing guide in Iowa and a new Wavewalk kayak owner, recently sent me this picture and story. Paul says:

Beats the state record by more than an inch. Released. Got him from the kayak on the same pond that you and I fished. Got 3 more like him and 6 crappies over 15 inches! The local warden, the DNR, and the state fishery biologist all agree that it is the unofficial state record for bluegill. It wasn’t weighed at a legal scale.

Paul has a reputation for catching big fish, and this is what he says on his website about the W kayak:

-This particular design is more stable on the water than any other kayak I have seen. Plus the amount of storage blows them all away, too. Check out the website just to see these unique kayaks. Fishing while standing is no problem at all, and they are very comfortable to spend extended time in. You can actually lay down in this one!

Congrats Paul! It may be Wavewalk’s first fishing record!


record bluegill sunfish kayak fishing in Iowa

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8 thoughts on “Unofficial state record for a sunfish (bluegill) from a W kayak! by Gary Thorberg”

  1. Gary, Paul – Thank you!
    This is absolutely great!
    It’s so exciting that we turned it into the new featured story on our blog! 😀

  2. Incredible! I went right out to the garage and measured the width of the Wavewalk’s saddle…11 inches. I catch plenty of largemouth bass that are smaller than this bluegill :-).

  3. Outstanding catch! Congratulations!
    This is one chunky fish…

  4. Here’s a comment Paul sent me by email:

    The fish and the bottle are actually airborne in the picture. When laying flat, the fish hung over both sides of the seat! The picture makes the fish look smaller than it really was. We blew the picture up and you could see the fully spread pelvic fins and the shadows in relation to the fish and the kayak. The fish is bowed down at both ends and up in the middle. The bottle is also covering most of the dorsal fin. I have never seen such a large bluegill. Thank you for the craft that got me there! I have been enjoying it greatly, catching many fine fish. I plan on getting another one eventually so my clients can enjoy them more, too. There has been a lot of attention to my kayak lately! Bow-fishing from the W is the most fun I have had at that sport! There are record bass and crappies in this pond, too. You never know… Paul

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