5 thoughts on “Stand up kayak paddling in the center of the city, by Sungjin Kim (video)”

  1. Sungjin-

    Fantastic video! The opening shot really shows off the unique, back-saving position that the W500 provides and you paddle standing up like a pro..


  2. Here is Songdo Centeral Park in Incheon.
    I went out just for cool air not for fishing.^^
    I felt a little shame because everyone paid attention to me, including paddlers.
    The plan was going out with my dauther, but she broke the promise. OTL

  3. In America, OTL means Out To Lunch, but in Korea OTL is an emoticon expressing desperation /disappointment.
    (an image of a man kneeling down with both hands to the ground)

    O = head
    T = arms to the ground
    L = legs

    OTL Korea

  4. I went to Sungjin’s site and looked at the pictures he posted there – Incheon looks like an interesting city, with some pretty strange looking buildings 🙂

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