6 thoughts on “Kayak fishing under the bridge, by Sungjin Kim (video)”

  1. I wonder why Sungjin keeps those stabilizers on his w yak .. they look a bit redundant

  2. Stabilizers can become an old habit that’s hard to kick. These little things don’t offer much more than some sense or illusion of stability on flatwater, and by that I mean primary stability, but when push comes to shove they don’t have enough buoyancy to support the weight of the kayak and its user in case of an accident, and this means they are pretty much useless in terms of secondary stability.
    On the other hand, they’re quite harmless, except for snagging your fishing lines and limitimg your range of casting 😉

  3. Baitshop boy, you’re right.
    Stabilizers aren’t needed for a Wkayak, especially on flat water.
    They offer only psychological stability.
    They even don’t touch water actually.
    But I frequently go off shore fishing far away from seashore.
    I think psychological stability is important in the ocean.
    So the stabilizers are always put in both hulls of my Wkayak.
    Although they are aren’t needed on flat water, I inevitably set them on Wkayak.
    I cannot dump it out. ^^

  4. Rox used to have small stabilizers attached to her motorized W, and so did Michael, and they stopped using them after some time, but both of them fish mainly for bass, that is in flat water.
    I guess there’s something in the ocean that’s different – It’s limitless in size and in power, and that can have a noticeable psychological effect on you when you’re out there driving a tiny plastic boat 🙂


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