DIY legless chair for my fishing kayak, by Michael Chesloff

Below is a simple project that can help to make it a delight to spend 8 or more continuous hours on the water, as I had the chance to do this past weekend. That allowed me to land more than 30 largemouth bass and 35 pickerel in a single outing. Thank you Wavewalk! This accessory is simple, lightweight, inexpensive and can add  comfort:

kayak seat
Simple, inexpensive plastic chair with legs sawn off

To my surprise, the legless chair will not move an inch once you are seated. This means that you can relocate yourself at any time just as you can with no chair. And without the legs the chair is easy to transport, easier to put in and remove, and the lack of legs means total access to your gear. And while the Adirondack models have imposing arms, the type of chair pictured allows you complete freedom to paddle while seated in the lap of luxury.


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One thought on “DIY legless chair for my fishing kayak, by Michael Chesloff”

  1. Thanks Michael,

    Here’s what I do when I feel like resting in my W kayak:

    getting some rest in a fishing kayak

    The danger in lying down on the kayak’s saddle and stretching your back this way is that it’s so comfortable and relaxing that you might fall asleep and drift somewhere, such as a waterfall, or just into the branches of a tree or a bush, or to the other side of the lake… Who knows – you could even try to roll in your sleep, which could cause you to fall overboard…


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