Your boat trailer, the abominable fishing-time guzzler

The idea to write this piece came from a client in Rhode Island who owns a 20ft center console, who told me he never uses it on weekends because of all the time he had to waste at crowded boat ramps, and the aggravation associated with it. Michael Chesloff added a few wise comments too, from his own experience as a fishing boat owner.

So how much quality time do you waste on activities related to your boat trailer?

To begin with, you need to attach the trailer to your vehicle, but that can be done in a few minutes.
Then, you need to drive to the boat ramp, which can be located far from the area that you’d like to fish in. This is a big waste of time, especially in slow traffic, since you’re wasting time both driving your vehicle to the ramp and driving your boat from the ramp to the area you’re going to fish in.
And then comes the big frustration – You get to the boat ramp area, and you have to wait in line with other fishermen and their trailers. All of you wait for fishermen that got there before you, and need to either launch their boat, or take it out, so the time waste is significant, and so is the frustration associated with it.
Finally, you get to approach the boat ramp with your trailer, and launch your boat, which can take considerable time, and it’s not a nice experience since you know that so many people are waiting for you to finish.
Then, you have to drive to the area where you’re going to fish, and you’re in a hurry because of all the time you had to waste on launching.
Then, at the end of your fishing trip, you have to quit earlier, so that you can get back to the boat ramp in time to take your place in the queue, together with other motorized fishermen waiting to take their boat out, or put in… And here too, once your turn to put out arrives, you don’t feel good about wasting other people’s time, and that can be stressful and unpleasant.

How much time would a car top motorized W kayak save you?

In contrast, car topping your motorized kayak takes little time, and you can launch it practically anywhere you need, including places that are much closer to where you’re planning to fish, and where no other motorized fishermen are waiting for their turn to launch or take out. Launching itself is easy, takes very little time, and requires no special maneuvering, since you can launch in any kind of dock or beach, including launching in the surf.

Driving your motorized kayak (a.k.a. personal microskiff) at 8 mph gets you to your fishing destination pretty fast, even in the presence of wind, waves and current, and that makes a big difference from human powered fishing kayaks, whether paddled or pedaled.  This said, you can fish in no-motor zones (NMZ) too, since your little W motorboat is a paddle craft as well, so you keep getting the best of both worlds.

On your way back from from your fishing adventures, you can simply approach your launching spot and beach there immediately, without waiting for other boaters who are either launching or beaching. This is true even if that spot is a rock garden, or if the tide has changed the conditions there.
You just car top your little super-versatile marvel, and you’re on the road again within a couple minutes.

The bottom-line advantage of owning a motorized W kayak

Spending more time fishing and less time on the road and in boat ramps is a win-win proposition, since it means you’re having more fun and catching more fish.
The same is true about spending more time fishing and less time paddling or pedaling to your fishing spot and back from it.

This video shows how easy it is to launch and carry a motorized W kayak:

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4 thoughts on “Your boat trailer, the abominable fishing-time guzzler”

  1. Between work and commute during the week, and honey-do chores in the weekend, there are few free hours available to the sportsman, and words cannot describe the sorrow and frustration of those who must stand in line at the boat ramp, wasting their very precious time!

  2. I used to fish out of a bass boat until gas prices started going up and I realized that I was spending fifty to a hunderd bucks on every fishing trip and I could no longer afford it. These boats are nice but they’re also big gas guzzlers.

  3. There’s no point comparing a bass boat to a w motor yak imho, but for one angler the yak certainly offers advantages worth some serious considertaion

  4. The situation in some of the boat ramps I’ve seen is so bad that fishermen who like to go out for shorter trips would rather stay at home. The waiting time at the ramp is just too long!…

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