Over 1,000,000 visits to our website

Actually, we passed the million visit mark a while ago, but since we started using Google Analytics reports in 2006, we have data starting from then  and not from before.
The website itself has been alive since 2001, but it didn’t get many visitors in the first years, as this figure shows:

1,000,000 visits to Wavewalk fishing kayaks’ website since 2006

And to those of you who wonder what’s the difference between a Visit and a Hit – A visit means someone (a person, not a robot) visited the website, and saw at least one page of it, including pictures. If a page features 17 pictures (like our home page does) a visit to it would record 18 hits: 1 hit for the page URL (web address), and 17 hits for the different URLs of the pictures on the page.

The report also shows that about 78% of the visits have been ‘new’, which basically says these visitors didn’t come back to visit  🙁  But 22% of the visits were second, or third visits, etc. – whether because the visitors bumped into our website again by mistake, or because they found something interesting to read or watch here  🙂

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