Kayaking in Hood River, Oregon

Perry - fishing kayak dealer, Hood River, Oregon

Yoav, I’m happy to give you my experience-based congratulations on such an excellent design. I’m having a lot of fun I simply wouldn’t have had without it.

My first W kayak session on the water was excellent! –
A little ways out, a couple of guys on SUP boards were heading out about 50 yards to my left; the Hood River sandbar was to my right and I was in very shallow water. I heard one saying “It’s shallow, watch your fin..” I felt somewhat smug since it was obvious to all of us that I was in thinner water than they were, paddling along just fine. 😉
Then I stood up and kept paddling; I heard one say, “yea, it’s a standup…” and then, the other said something about “training wheels”. LOL – some people don’t understand how sound travels over water. I definitely sensed a bit of envy there – if not then, then surely a bit later, as those two headed back to the beach, no doubt pooped-out from nonstop standing and paddling, as I leisurely meandered about, enjoying the fantastic view, sitting and resting frequently.
I love your term, “evolutionary failure.” It’s so apt for sup-boarding. It’s as if a sled-like creature – adapted only to descending snowy hillsides on its belly via gravity – had to suddenly face life on the flat plains, without any significant anatomical changes except the addition of one arm.

Despite all my wishful thinking, I was truly surprised by how much distance I covered so quickly and effortlessly with my W kayak. I could have gone much longer and farther, but the sun was pretty intense and I haven’t seen that much of it yet this year. As it was getting lower, I was seriously tempted to get back out again!

I couldn’t resist the calm, full-moonlit sunset this evening and took to the water again. I’m so glad I did. What would otherwise have probably been a very ordinary, forgettable hour turned out to be a beautiful, rather profound experience.
Once again, I enjoyed a perspective I normally only imagine from shore – but better – and a degree of solitude that’s unattainable within quite a few miles of here by road. The icing on the cake was unexpectedly achieving, in the fading light, a new level of grace and rhythm with the paddle, boat, and water. I’m eager to try to capture some of that feeling on video, in a way I haven’t quite seen in the many great vids online already.

Looking forward to many more spectacular hours and days of paddling, exploring, sightseeing, bird-watching, and fishing, in this wonderful, new kind of watercraft,



bicycle wheelcart for towing two fishing kayaks
My cart / trailer

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2 thoughts on “Kayaking in Hood River, Oregon”

  1. Thanks Perry,
    Like we say in Wavewalk “Now that the worst is behind you, let the fun begin!” 🙂
    It looks like there are many beautiful places in your area where you can paddle and fish.
    That kayak cart you made is unique – great job!


  2. A sup board is a board, so it can’t deliver the same performance and versatility that you can get from a w-kayak, but it’s flat and lightweight enough for people to carry under their arm or on top of their head, and it’s also easier to store, and that’s an important feature for poeple who don’t have much storage room, like students who live in dorms or people who rent condos. It’s more fun to paddle a sup board in the surf than to surf without a paddle, but I woudln’t try paddling long distances on flat water on a sup board because there’s no guarantee that I’d be able to get back to the beach I launched from. Fishing from a sup board is absurd, and I doubt anyone does it, except in ads.

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