Sanibel fishing trip

I took my kayak down to the Sanibel Causeway today to do some fishing and relaxing.

Sanibel causeway

The view and water today was absolutely spectacular. It was the kind of crystal clear Florida day you wish for when your on vacation or in my case have a day off. I am always amazed at the difference of my view in the water and the fish I can see with the polarized glasses when I stand up as compared to sitting down.


I caught about a dozen trout and few Jacks. The gulp were working really well.

Maybe next week I will get some Reds to bite instead of just chasing them off.

Jeff Taubes,


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3 thoughts on “Sanibel fishing trip”

  1. Thanks Jeff,

    On behalf of all the geeks who visit this blog – it would be great to see some pictures (or better – video…) of your motorized W kayak… 🙂


  2. I love it in the keys, you are a lucky guy to have close access

  3. Kevin,
    Like yourself, Jeff is a ‘woodsman’ (a term first used on this blog by Ted Stevens) who migrated to Florida from one of those snowy and dark states up North… 🙂

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