Wavewalk® national distributor – FAQ

What’s a national Wavewalk®  distributor?

A national Wavewalk® distributor is a reseller in their country or territory outside the United States, and they are local legal and commercial entities that are independent and separate from Wavewalk, Inc.

What does Wavewalk offer to its national distributors?

We offer wholesale discounts starting with orders of 4 kayaks or car-top boats.
The basis for discounts is our guaranteed, real-life retail prices, and not just an MSRP. We ship every W kayak and car-top boat in an individual, custom cardboard box.
Typically, our national distributors prefer to order full containers.
Shipping a 40 ft container costs 25% to 30% more than shipping a small one, which reduces the cost of shipping per kayak or boat unit by 55% to 60%.
An exclusive national W distributorship area consists of either a territory or a country in which Wavewalk, Inc. will not install other Wavewalk® distributors.
We offer full technical and marketing support to national W distributors and their clients, by phone and by email.
We list our national distributors on our website’s dealers list.
For every W distributor who needs a website for their W distributorship, we an create a full-featured website for free, with free setup and free tech support.
We actively help our distributors promote their websites on Internet search engines.
We offer our distributors and their clients our standard limited warranty for materials and workmanship under regular usage conditions, and excluding normal wear and tear.

What does Wavewalk require from its national distributors?

To make the Wavewalk® kayak and accessories available for local clients to see and purchase.
To help their clients with information, advice, basic outfitting and shipping (if required).
To respond promptly to clients’ inquiries, and deal with them respectfully and fairly.
To make wholesale purchases from us, and maintain a minimum inventory of W kayaks and boats for sale to clients who wish to make a purchase without delays.
To make W kayak accessories such as paddles and motor mounts available for purchase to their local clients.
To respect the exclusivity that our company grants the Wavewalk distributor in their area, by reciprocating, and offering for sale only Wavewalk® kayaks and paddles in that exclusive distributorship area, and no kayaks or paddles from other manufacturers.
To appreciate the fact that our W kayak is unique, and to promote it as such. Therefore, we expect our distributors to understand that if they offered other fishing kayaks or paddles for sale alongside our products, they would blur this fact, and hurt the W brand in the long run, which is not acceptable to us.
We expect a national W distributor to develop the W market in their territory or country by installing local dealers where and if needed, such as in heavily populated areas that are too far for the W distributor to effectively serve directly.
We also expect a national W distributor to develop their website with locally produced material such as trip reports, reviews, pictures and movies, as well as create inbound links to them from other local websites. In our view, a national W distributor’s website must reflect the fact that it serves local clients.

What doesn’t Wavewalk offer to its national distributors?

We work to help our national distributors develop their business, but we don’t offer any guarantee that a W dealership is forever – If we feel that a national distributorship is under performing without a good external reason (e.g. war, economic recession, etc.), we’ll talk to the W distributor about it, and if things don’t improve, we’ll stop featuring the dealer on our dealers’ list, and look for others to take their place in that area.
We don’t offer credit, even on large size orders.
Reselling other watercraft: Some of our dealers resell other boats and watercraft, as well as outboard motors, but we don’t resell through dealers that offer other fishing kayaks, and we would discontinue a dealership in case the dealer starts doing so.

What doesn’t Wavewalk require from its national distributors?

We don’t require from our local dealers to have a commercial store front, or stay open on regular business hours. A Wavewalk® dealer may decide to show W kayaks and boats only by appointment.
We don’t require from our national distributors to have previous experience in the kayak business.
We don’t require from our national distributors to make excessively large orders before the kayaking and fishing season in their country, but due to long transit time by ocean freight, we require them to keep a sufficient number of W kayaks and boats for the season in advance, so they may be able to satisfy demand from their local clients without forcing them to wait for weeks and even months.
We don’t require from our local distributors to advertise locally unless such advertising is free, but we do encourage them to get involved in local paddling, fishing and boating activities, both real-world and online, and to develop both personal and local content on their websites, which we are happy to help them do, if required.
We don’t require from our national distributors to resell any of our products above or below certain price levels, and we don’t intervene in their pricing policies. However, we expect their pricing to be fair, reasonable, and competitive, and support long term growth and profitability in the market they serve.

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