Paddling and fishing in Massachusetts on a cold April day, by Chris Ott

Long time, no time …

Well I took the snow tires off the car Sunday and as I brought them into the cellar I saw my W kayak in the corner. So I brought it out and decided to take a small paddle on one of my favorite Central Mass rivers.
It was colder and much windier than I would have liked it to be, but I was out for a few hours in my W!
As I was fishing (really more just paddling and exploring) I heard a crunching noise behind me. Sure enough, the wind had blown me to the edge of the ice as I retrieved my lure.
Now I bet it is a small few outside of your forum that would recognize what made the attached imprint.

I am looking forward to the W helping me lose the “Winter Weight” and I keep telling myself it was my coat that made the life jacket feel more snug than usual.

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5 thoughts on “Paddling and fishing in Massachusetts on a cold April day, by Chris Ott”

  1. 😀
    Hi Chris,
    Glad to see you’re out of mothballs too 🙂
    Apropos ice, here’s a video showing what no one should ever do with their W kayak:

    BTW, the W kayak featuring in this video is an early W300 model

  2. Nice shot!
    Hey Yoav, isn’t it time to edit this ice goofing video? No offense, but it’s full of repetitions, and a couple of minutes would be enough to show everything there is to see in it.

  3. I vividly remember that day when we shot this video, as if it happened yesterday.
    Must be the huge quantities of adrenaline I produced – they say adrenaline helps remembering things.
    Sometimes watching it makes me feel it’s a relic from the past, and I guess that’s when the preservation instinct kicks in 🙂

  4. The most illustrative part starts right at 3:00 minutes. It’s not the kayak plowing through the crust, but watching the W300 (again, the previous, less stable model) as Yoav repeatedly jams the paddle into the ice. Notice that as he puts all that downward force on one side the W300, barely tips an inch. The ice-breaking is cool but the stability is the story.

  5. Michael,
    The real story behind this video is about a guy doing something irresponsible and crazy, while his unsuspecting wife is shooting a video of it, and his kids are playing on the bank.
    BTW, I knew that cove to be pretty deep, and I had even watched some really scary ice rescue videos before that…
    It was during the time I started testing the performance envelope of this ‘contraption’, and I was interested to see and show what ‘launch, beach and go anywhere’ looks like in the presence of ice.
    This is yet another dimension used for showing the superiority of the W kayak for touring, and not just for fishing.
    To this day, no one has done anything similar in a trad (mono-hull) kayak (because it’s impossible, duh), and other YouTube ice kayaking videos featuring sit-in kayaks are pitiful.

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