Back on the water after a long winter… by Jeff McGovern, Florida

Just a video tour of my favorite close to home saltwater spot, 206 bridge out of Genung’s Fish Camp.. The Wavewalk 500 provides the access, Emmrod and Qualia catch the fish. Lots of fun!

top view of fishing kayak attached on pickup truck bed
The W500 kayak in the morning before the trip

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7 thoughts on “Back on the water after a long winter… by Jeff McGovern, Florida”

  1. Long winter, you bet! Up here in my igloo I’ve already forgotten what a fish looks like. Maybe I should look it up in a book? 😀

  2. Hi Jeff-

    Another nice video. Visitors should consider that your involvement with Wavewalks is as a customer, not a reseller. It says a lot about a product when you are still motivated to spread the word after years of use and ownership.


  3. Hi Michael,
    Most W fans are just that – fans.
    Only a minority of people involved with our our kayaks and support us actually resell the product.
    Sometimes I wish some of them were just a little more greedy! 😉

  4. “Entrepreneurial” might sound somehow hard… 🙂
    “Greedy” sounds like “Hey, let’s make some easy money!”

  5. Great Video Jeff. 🙂

    Hey I’d settle for a blue gil right now, those blue fish can give you a great fight.

    Come on warmer weather!

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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