5 lbs bass on my second yak bassin trip to Rancho Seco, by George Brewster

I spent the past two weekends at the fishing hole of our now defunct local nuclear power plant Rancho Seco. The first weekend I caught two about 2lbs and this last weekend I caught two but one was a nice 5lber. Here are a few pics of the trip and the bass that made the trip one to remember.



Fishing kayak in Rancho Seco, California

Bass caught in fishing trip in California

5 lbs bass held by kayak fisherman


  1. Hasdrubal

    Beatiful fish, and the lake looks nice too despite its past as a power plant site.

  2. RoxCT

    Outstanding, nothing like a big old fat pig to make your day. 🙂


    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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