DIY aluminum motor mount for outboard gas engine, by Will Rocha

Austin weather has been unfavorable, however I didn’t waste time and built an aluminum motor mount, and it looks great.
I just need to get a great fish finder, rod holders, solar panels etc.
This kayak is going to be unique.


DIY aluminum motor mount for small Honda outboard gas engine mounted on a fishing kayak

4 thoughts on “DIY aluminum motor mount for outboard gas engine, by Will Rocha”

  1. Thanks Will,
    Your motor mount is great, and looks totally professional 🙂
    I guess it’s also the lightest motor mount out there – surely lighter than Wavewalk’s own motor mount…
    After testing the kayak with the motor, you may want to check for signs of stress in the metal along the line where the vertical part connects with the two horizontal bases. It may be worthwhile for you to consider welding a couple of vertical triangular reinforcement elements on both sides, just to be on the safe side.
    Please keep sending updates,

  2. It looks good, let us know how it works out. One concern is the open area in front of the motor, you may get some splash coming up though that space as the water hits the motor shaft and is driven upwards. Your maiden voyage will allow you to assess that. Should be an easy fix if you need to put a splash plate of some type across it.

  3. If it’s the twenty inch shaft Honda motor there should be no problem to attach this mount closer to the cockpit. That would solve the spray issue and it would also make it easier and more comfortable to operate the motor.

  4. Nice job, looks great. 🙂

    Like the others said, you may get water splashing up between the mount
    and yak.
    Couldn’t you just slide it up more so it butts against the back?
    Looks like you can with the angles you have on the mount.

    Still a great job.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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