Sheephead for dinner, by Kevin Eastman

I finally got around to making my motorized W legal and registered it this week, so now I can travel the waterways without fear of a ticket. Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so I decided to utilize the motor and fish the inside of the jetties at our inlet, an area that I don’t often paddle to because of the distance and current.

I was hoping to get some sheepshead for dinner and did find that a couple were interested in my bait. I had a monster hooked and unfortunately, the hook pulled after a short battle. I did manage to land one of his smaller relatives and that one will be joining me for dinner.

Cheers, Kevin

sheephead in fish net - Florida fishing trip

fisherman showing sheephead - Florida

5 thoughts on “Sheephead for dinner, by Kevin Eastman”

  1. Thanks Kevin,
    Looking forward to more pictures / video of your motorized W kayak 🙂

  2. With the stripes, it kind of look like a Black Drum, but it’s actually a Sheephead, which is a different critter altogether. Though both are delicious on the plate. They teeth in that look like human teeth and use them to crush shells.

  3. Outstanding…… 🙂
    Glad you got out with the outboard, it got to the far away spot and faster
    currants and most important, the fish, without killing yourself paddling. 🙂

    The motors turn your whole world around, long paddles turn into short
    work, and best of all, once you reach that honey hole, you paddle to your
    hearts content.
    Then motor back to your launch point………….. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. Exactly!
    A motorized W kayak offers the best of both worlds and some more. You get the stealth of paddling and the possibility to fish in NMZ (no-motor zones), as well as the long range, speed and power of a motorboat, and the additional safety that comes with that. On top of this, the W lets you launch, paddle, go, fish and beach where no other watercraft would do…
    If ever someone comes up with a good air-jet setup (just an impressive name for powerful leaf blower…), they could travel with their W yak in marshes and mud where only air boats can go.

  5. They sell some good fish at our local supermarket but this one looks better…

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