Catching fish from my stand up fly fishing kayak, by Ted Stevens

Here are a few shots of a couple of sea trout the big one is affectionately referred to in these parts as a “gator trout” she was almost seven pounds about 24 inches. Caught her in a small lagoon off a mangrove creek out of the Indian River Lagoon where I live and where I am “master of nature’s universe” in my W for a limited time. I release most of the big fish I catch here to preserve the species, the big fish (snook and trout) they are very prolific breeders this trout will lay over a million eggs a year. I do keep one or two the mangrove snapper and younger sea trout etc. but I don’t like cleaning them and I am usually out for most of the day and don’t want to carry a cooler. I fly fish only so I don’t haul them in hand over fist but I do OK for as little time I have in my personal fly fishing machine the W.


big trout in hand on lagoon

stand up fly fishing kayak with poling platform FL

At my age, standing that high on a poling platform feels more secure with outriggers.
The extra long paddle works both for paddling and push-poling

Florida canal viewed from Ted's fly fishing kayak

stand up fly fishing kayak with poling platform - Florida

Gear stored in the big storage space inside the cockpit and hulls

sea trout being released

dawn on kens lagoon caught big trout this morning

big trout in kayak lagoon.jpg


  1. fish

    Thanks Ted,
    This is simply wonderful 🙂

  2. lake

    Very nice fish you got there!

  3. keastman

    Ted, those are some nice trout. I work in Daytona, one of these days I need to haul the yak south with me to work and continue on down to the IRL for some of those and snook. It also looks a bit warmer there than it’s been in St. Aug as of late.

  4. RoxCT

    Nice job on the platform and stablizers.

    Nothing is impossible when it comes to the wave walk yaks. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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