Wavewalk kayak in Abaco, Bahamas, Brad Barrett, GA

Brad Barrett from Georgia and his family were vacationing in Abaco, in the Bahamas, where they got their W kayak.
Brad’s maiden trip in his W was planned as a tandem fishing trip together with his son. But the dual crew forgot to follow our basic instructions, which are to practice solo paddling on flat water before venturing into any advanced mode such as tandem paddling or surf paddling.
In this case, the two tried something even more advanced, which is tandem paddling in the surf…
To make a long story short, the inexperienced offshore tandem crew attempted to launch their kayak in the surf, and since none of them had any experience in handling the waves in such conditions they capsized.
According to Brad, that was a good lesson …

Says Brad: -“Since then, I used it several times- crossing the surf line is easier than surfing back in. I found that if I was not perfectly straight the approaching wave would push me sideways – I almost wiped out once and it surprised me.
I enjoy using it and I plan to do some jiggering to handle fishing, carrying gear etc.”

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Wavewalk fishing kayak on Abaco beach - Bahamas

paddler sitting sideways on kayak Abaco - Bahamas

paddler heading off the reef in his fishing kayak. Abaco, Bahamas.jpg

girl paddling a fishing kayak in the clear water Bahamas.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Wavewalk kayak in Abaco, Bahamas, Brad Barrett, GA”

  1. Even without knowing the details, this is an educational story.

  2. Happy New Year, sorry I missed this post.

    Nice job learning what not to try in a New Yak of any kind.

    Learn how it handles first, one person at a time, then take it into to more challenging waters…….Safety should always come first.

    I sure would have loved launching into the warm surf right now……it’s 20 degrees here, with the wind chill, feels like 13 degrees.

    Stay warm, paddle safe, and Tight lines.

  3. When you’re going back to the beach in big surf, you may experience a strong acceleration in the last part of the way, just before the wave collapses. In such conditions, it may be hard for you to keep the kayak going straight forward, and it’s often easier to let it point sideways, and eventually let the wave roll underneath.
    Some kayak surfers call this maneuver a wipeout, but that doesn’t mean you’re going overboard. Doing wipeouts can be a lot of fun once you get some experience with it – As in every skill, practice makes perfect.
    Here’s a video showing a W300 (an older, smaller W kayak model) in the surf:

    Just remember to lean strongly into the wave, and use you legs and torso to balance the kayak – Keep holding the paddle with both hands and use it to help you balance the kayak. Don’t try to grab the cockpit rim with your hands because that won’t help you at all – it never does.

    And here’s a recent W500 kayak surf play video from Australia:

  4. developing all skills needs practice, and more practice

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