Understanding Fishing Kayak Reviews

Some people looking for information about fishing kayaks like to read reviews as part of their research, and indeed, many websites and printed magazines include sections offering such reviews.

After reading such reviews in sufficient numbers, the reader begins to notice certain odd things –
To begin with, most ‘customer-contributed’ fishing kayak reviews (e.g. ‘testimonials’) posted on the web get published under an alias, which is the equivalent of anonymously. This is rather strange, and immediately raises the question of their authenticity. Even a quick glance at the reviews section in popular kayaking and fishing sites would reveal why they’re sometimes called ‘review dumpsters’.

Second, most ‘professional’ reviews are far from being professional, unfortunately, in the sense that their authors visibly lack both objectivity and a sufficient technical background one would expect from a professional testing a technical product such as a fishing kayak.
The fact that these people get paid directly, indirectly, or through ‘sponsorships’ to take a kayak for a test drive doesn’t necessarily mean they can produce a worthwhile review. Indeed, after reading several of those ‘professional’ fishing kayak reviews, the reader is likely to notice that they seem to be written following a certain pattern, which prohibits any harsh critique, and occasionally pays tribute to a kayak brand that the author is affiliated with, whether closely or remotely. Assuming the reader isn’t proficient in kayak design or kayak fishing, they might fall for the author’s technical observations, but when a an expert reads such reviews, the magic is gone.

As part of our continuous effort to improve people’s experience with kayaking and kayak fishing, we publish in-depth articles about subjects that we think our readers and customers may be interested in, or should be interested in. One of these subjects is critical reading of kayak reviews –
Therefore, we’ve included a comprehensive guide to understanding fishing kayak review in this website’s reviews section >
This two-part article includes background information, and tips about the different types of reviews, how to search the reviews that may be more interesting for you to read, and how to get the most valid information from a testimonial you read.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Fishing Kayak Reviews”

  1. I found some reviews of the w kayak out there, on other sites, but they belong to yet another type of review called ‘opinion’. The people who contribute the ‘opinion’ reviews admit they’ve never used or seen a W, but still they believe that others would be interested to learn what they have to say about it, even when they publish their stuff under a pen name! The weirdest thing about those reviews is that sometimes it’s obvious that the people who wrote them didn’t even bother to read the W’s technical specs, like they’d say the W is very wide, or very heavy, or other things about it that are totally wrong…

  2. Do these magazines favor big advertisers in their product reviews? It’s hard to tell, but I have a feeling they do. In any case, I’ve never seen a bad review on a product from a big advertiser, or “sponsor” as they’re sometimes called 😉

  3. I hereby declare that this site favors Wavewalk’s kayaks – The world’s best personal boat for fishing! 😀

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