3 Generations Arizona Family Tests a Wavewalk Fishing Kayak, By Avery Sellards

On the first time I have been able to get a W kayak wet, the only issue was that one of my grandsons wanted to go, my teenage son and my youngest daughter wanted to go also. Oh, and my wife insisted she was going too.
No problem, going with family makes it that much better.
It was great fun watching everyone paddle and smile.
I think my son had three strokes under his belt and he was standing up looking like a pro.
My daughter did as well.

What a fun boat! We loved it. Here are a few photos –


Jeep Transporting fishing kayak on cartop

Heading Out into the lake

fishing kayak view from above

Jeep Transporting fishing kayak on cartop

fishing kayak view from above

girl SUP kayak Canyon Lake

fishing kayak view from above

3 kids in a fishing kayak - Canyon Lake AZ

3 kids in a fishing kayak - Canyon Lake AZ

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  1. W kayak

    Few words, great pictures, great story!

  2. Marco

    Nice to see AZ guys have some real lakes…

  3. Avery

    We had such a fun afternoon.

    The air temp was in the high 50’s to low 60’s. It has been in the low 90’s all week so us Arizonans were thinking it was kind of cold. No one complained because everyone was trying to get to the front of the line to be the next one to take the Wavewalk out.

    It was made very clear to me that my usual mode of heading out by myself will no longer be the norm. My daughter and son have already asked me “where are we going next weekend dad?”

  4. Pete

    Great post, thanks.
    Kids who get opportunities to spend time in the natural scenery learn to love nature, and grow up to be healthier individuals.

  5. keastman

    I’m thinking it’s time to order another one or two for Christmas presents. Then you’ll have a family flotilla.

  6. RoxCT

    Awesome, nothing better then everyone getting a chance to enjoy the wonderful W500.

    Happy paddling to you all.

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