Bass Fishing Trip Before The Storm, By Rox Davis

Went to use my pickup on the 25th and darn near drove through the fence….
NO Brakes????????????????????? I think it blew a brake line……

So I stuffed the Kia Soul with my W300 10.5′ long yak, the 12′ W500, is just a tad too long, it might not be legal…… and headed to Rainbow Reservoir.

So I went on instinct, and of course knowing what it looks like under them waters helps big time.

I found lots of runts Largemouth bass & Smallmouth bass, perch, crappies. But in every one of my spots that should be holding fish…I found nothing.
This should be prime crank bait time here, but I only got one keeper smallie on it, Fat Rap in white.

Got a few on the tube, paddle tail and none on the dinger. Spinner bait didn’t get a sniff, CB, Nada.

They were drawing water down big time for the storm that’s coming, of course, it was after 3pm and time for me to paddle back.

No clue what the water temps were, cloudy, dark stained water.
Slight breeze, and no currant till end.

Here a few of the best of the day.
I added a picture of a nice 5lb Large Mouth Bass I caught on the 26th while fishing with my buddy Mike on Congamond Lake.

And Yes, we survived Hurricane Sandy, with only a few limbs down.
I brought both of the W500 in the house, I didn’t want to chance them getting crushed by the huge 80 year old Siler Maple that hovers over the yak shack.

Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

fishing kayak in small car

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

largemouth bass October 2012 CT

2 fishing kayaks stored in house before hurricane Sandy

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  1. Nice story Rox, and congratulations on your catch – Impressive, as always…

  2. Those two little green cats look very happy inside the house, I could almost hear them purring 😀

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