Flood Grass Fly Fishing, By Kevin Eastman

Thought I’d send a report. I haven’t had too much luck this year getting out for the flood fishing but managed a trip yesterday.
The wind was blowing pretty good but I managed to find one area that was protected well enough to cast. Fortunately there were a few fish tailing in that spot. I finally convinced one of them to take my fly and had a nice battle landing him. That was pretty much it for the day, the wind was howling so I started my trudge back against the wind and ran in to this little guy clinging to a blade of grass and it seemed stranded and exhausted. With a little convincing, I got him into the kayak for a ride to shore and put him in a protected cedar tree to rest up. He was gone when I checked on him later so hopefully he made it.

I picked up a used Yamaha 2 hp last week, I’m trying to re-invent the wheel for a motor mount and will send some pictures along when I’m done.

Cheers, Kevin

bird in flood grass

fly fisherman showing redfish he caught in the flood grass

fly fishing kayak in the flood grass
Kevin’s W kayak outfitted with a high platform for sight fishing (think ‘flats boat’), a push-pole for poling through the flooded grass, a high DIY fly rod holder for stand up fishing, and of course, Kevin’s new DIY wooden paddle.

fly fishing rod holder

3 thoughts on “Flood Grass Fly Fishing, By Kevin Eastman”

  1. Thanks Kevin,
    Wonderful story!
    I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who wishes you’d shoot some video footage of your fly fishing adventures, and share it here…

    For those of our visitors who are new to this blog:
    Kevin is a veterinarian by his profession, so no wonder he was able to convince that frightened little bird to join him for a ride in his kayak 🙂

    Needless to say that we’re all looking forward to see Kevin’s motor setup.


  2. Agreed, it’s a really good piece that I very much enjoyed reading. That yak looks outstanding.

  3. Nice job, fighting the wind is hard on man and beast……well this time, bird.

    Great job giving the little one a lift, and with her gone from the spot
    you safley placed her, she most likely flew away, rested and happy she had
    a human friend to lend her a hand. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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