Motorized Fishing Kayak Towing a Second Kayak, This Time Perfectly, By Rox Davis

Note how fast the little 1.2hp Gamefisher outboard engine propels this caravan, and how well the boats track:

It sure makes long distance fishing trips much easier!

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7 thoughts on “Motorized Fishing Kayak Towing a Second Kayak, This Time Perfectly, By Rox Davis”

  1. Getting the two yaks to track so perfectly is no small feat… and Rox did it.

  2. Great videos, Rox. Everytime I watch you motoring along, I think about outfitting one of my W’s with a motor.

  3. Gary, a motor mount and 2hp outboard motor weigh a total of about 33 lbs, which means you can still paddle your W500 almost without feeling any difference when the motor is attached to it. As far as launching and beaching are concerned, it’s pretty much the same too.
    However, the motor would enable you to travel long distance, and fish in areas that are normally too far for you, as well as tow a second kayak with a fellow yak angler in it.

  4. Its true Gary, you can still paddle with the motor on.

    Remember, I only use the motor to get to far off fishing spots, then the motor goes off and tilted up a little so it won’t cause drag.

    But the best bonus, if it’s windy, it helps hold drifting position better when the motor is in the run position, then I just turn the motor head for the direction I’m drifting.

    Just remember, to close the gas cap when tilting the motor up, and remember to open it when you go to start the motor.
    Gas, Spark, Air. 🙂

    You think that W500 is fun now, slap a motor on it, and ENJOY!

    And the 1.2 hp Gamefisher(9.9lbs) is plenty of power, I even used it in the river Striper fishing.
    But I also picked up a 2.7hp Cruise and Carry(14lbs), this one will be my river motor next year.

    I Love these little 2 strokes, easy upkeep, and parts are very easy to replace.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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