Snook, Seatrout and … Sailcat – My Special Slam Today, By Gary Rankel

I finally got a nice snook today and thought I had a slam (snook, seatrout and redfish) until what I thought was a nice red turned into a nice sailcat.

sailcat caught in my fishing kayak

My snook September

My snook back in the water.jpg

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6 thoughts on “Snook, Seatrout and … Sailcat – My Special Slam Today, By Gary Rankel”

  1. Nicely done, and quite predictable, in view of past performance 😉 I’ve never seen a sail cat before, is it a rare fish?

  2. No, they’re quite common around here, sea coyote. Most folks don’t want to catch them because of their spines which can do a number on your hands if you’re not careful. The bigger ones fight pretty good, however, alot like a red. Lots of folks cut their lines to avoid getting stung, but I wanted my lure back, so I just got him real tuckered out and pressed him on the side of the W to keep him from flopping while I got the hook out.

  3. SWEET! 🙂

    Nice job and Great Pictures.

    Great job getting your lure back. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. In one of his fishing stories, Gary said he had lost $40 of lures in one day, and I thought it was quite an expensive hobby, considering Gary releases nearly all the fish he catches.

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