Australian Review of W Fishing Kayak as Recreational Tandem Boat

David and Svetlana from Melbourne, in a W kayak –
David is a commercial airplane pilot with an eye for technical detail and safety. Both Dave and Svetlana recently rented a SOT kayak, but they thought they deserve something better, and tested the Wavewalk at Lake Eppalock just outside of Bendigo.
What Dave first noticed was the stability and comfort that the W provided, and said: -“It is incredibly stable, even with both of us on it – we were even able to physically turn around and stand up. Not only was it stable and felt safe, given the height out of the water we were able to enjoy the views more readily”.
David spoke about how Svetlana encountered a spider in the kayak but was able to manoeuvre quite easily to avoid it. This created an interesting moment with Dave saving the day!
David commented that the W kayak “has excellent turning, and was easy to paddle which was aided by the longer paddle and the height out of the water. It moved a lot faster than the SOT, and felt so much easier to paddle” Both also loved the comfort and ergonomic design and are looking forward to their next W kayak adventure.
Overall both gave the W kayak a Thumbs Up!

young couple in W fishing kayak - Australia

young couple in W fishing kayak - Australia


  1. W kayak

    Interestingly, David and Svetlana sit in the kayak facing each other, which is how couples are traditionally seated in recreational canoes propelled by rowing oars.
    It presents some advantages, naturally, but not in terms of propulsion 🙂

  2. Fish Wiz

    Who cares about PROPULSION?!?

  3. April L

    Nice pictures – The arrid landscape is reminding of the African savanna.

  4. RoxCT

    Congrats on your new W500, it will give you years of fun paddling together, until
    you get another one and paddle of in the sunset side by side. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. Dario Lazaric

    been looking for some one from melbourne,i am from balnarring and still waiting for delivery of my 700,hope to take it out for myself as soon as possible,meanwhile very ineresting going through blog

  6. fish

    Hi Dario,

    It’s a long journey from the US factory to Australia. I can definitely understand your impatience! 🙂


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