Ergonomic Handle For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor Tiller Extension

For those who wish to motorize their W fishing kayak, we recommend the 2 hp 20″ long shaft Honda outboard motor.
The user controls the power in this motor through rotating its tiller with their wrist.
The tiller is attached to a spring, which loads as the user rotates the tiller to power the engine.
If the user stops rotating the handle, the spring-loaded tiller will automatically rotate back, and get the motor to idle.
Holding the tiller extension in the ‘maximum power’ position might prove to be difficult over a long period of time, because of the wrist’s continuous effort in resisting the counter-rotation force from the tiller itself.

This is why we outfitted our tiller extension with a handle that’s almost vertical when you hold it in the ‘maximum power’ position. In this position, the feeling is similar to that of holding a joystick.
The additional handle gives the wrist added leverage for rotating the tiller, which reduces the wrist’s effort.

This is not a commercial product that we offer, but merely a suggestion for an ergonomic improvement.
The images below show the tiller extension outfitted with a canoe handle, and a snow shovel handle. We prefer the second one, because it offers more leverage.
Other types of handles could work equally well, if not better. For example shovel handles, large-size tape dispenser handles, and last but not least, DIY handles made from PVC tubing, wood, etc.

Handle for Articulated tiller extension for motorized kayak

Handle for articulated tiller extension for motorized kayak

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7 thoughts on “Ergonomic Handle For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor Tiller Extension”

  1. Just curious… how hard is it to steer with this thing?

  2. I like that idea, I have trouble at times making a long run that bothers
    my hand and wrist.

    I’ve had a lot of trouble paddling lately, I’ve had surgery on both hands
    and wrist, and even short paddling trips are causing me problems.

    It’s a beach getting old… LOL

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Rox,
    If you have wrist problems, you should get a handle that would give you even more leverage than this.

  4. I took my W500 out on a test run yesterday. I outfitted it with a 2.5, 4 stroke Suzuki, outriggers, and a articulated tiller extension. Try as I might I just couldn’t get it to steer easily/correctly with the articulated tiller extension. Using the articulated extension just wasn’t intuitive and I just wasn’t comfortable with it. I’m ordering a 18″ fixed tiller extension and think it will be much better/responsive for me. I will post another comment after I get it and give it a trial run.


  5. Steering with an articulated tiller extension is less intuitive than with a regular (one piece) extension, so it takes some time to get used to it. I found that using both wrist and elbow helped me gain control faster.
    The outriggers can make it harder to steer, but practice makes perfect, as they say.

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