Size Matters? Ask a Kayak Bass Fisherman! By Michael Chesloff

Here are 2 pics for the blog. I am on vacation on Cape Cod and we took 2 cars (250 miles) so I could bring my W and try bass fishing in some of the numerous local lakes.

Paddling along in a light drizzle I throw the Tiny Torpedo and wham, my 2 inch lure is viciously attached by a 4 inch largemouth (the smallest bass I’ve ever caught, see pic 1). Luckily, no one was injured during this encounter. A few casts later the same lure served up the beauty in the second pic, a nice 3-pounder.

I had a total of 3 hours before the thunder arrived and I headed for shore.
Still, I managed to land about 20 bass and a pickerel that easily weighed 3 pounds.
Once again, the Wavewalk lets me fish anywhere and delivers the goods.


tiny bass caught on Torpedo lure

3lb largemounth bass caught in kayak fishing trip, Cape Cod

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4 thoughts on “Size Matters? Ask a Kayak Bass Fisherman! By Michael Chesloff”

  1. Thanks Michael,
    I think size matters to the fish –
    The smaller the better, since there’s less of a chance that an angler would decide they’re a keeper…
    But on the other hand, the smaller a fish is, the higher the chance that some big fish would decide they’re a keeper…

  2. Nice job getting out and landing a few Bass. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Michael,

    That Torpedo lure is quite a lot of fun! Labor Day weekend I caught sunfish, perch, bass (including one about the size in your first picture) and pickerel using that lure. I was standing in my W300 and pitched near some lily pads in a bend in a slow river in Central Mass, when WHAM a big splashing noise, a BIG pull on the Emmrod I was using and I started “water skiing” in the W kayak (absolutely the biggest rush when standing up). All of this was short-lived for after 10 seconds the line went limp and all I reeled in a broken line (8 lb test). I tied another lure on and kept fishing in that area. After a few casts I heard movement in the water by some grass and up popped the Torpedo lure! The fish must have shook the lure free. So I continued to use the lure for the rest of the day. I think I need to buy another as back up!

    All the best,


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