“Blood On My Yak” – Kayak Fisherman Fishing In Shark Infested Waters. By Gary Rankel

I had a great day today catching bluefish, jack crevalle and ladyfish on just about every cast for an hour or so. The only problem was a few sharks in the area also took an interest in these fish resulting in me reeling in one bluefish head, one tailless trout (see pictures) and a second bluefish sawed in half. I also got big a lizard fish, a small sea bass and a catfish and jack crevalle which both hit my lure and got hooked at the same time. All the fish blood was coloring my yellow noodles red, but I managed to clean them up when I got home. I lost about $40 worth of lures to the toothy critters today, but was it worth it – Oh Yeh.
Bob Smaldone and his wife spotted me and came over to say hi in his power boat – said he lost an anchor today. Oh well, we’ll see what the next trip hold for us.


bluefish head severed by shark

jack crevalle caught in kayak fishing trip FL

jack and catfish caught with same lure - kayak fishing trip

sea bass caught in fishing kayak FL

sea trout cut by shark

jfish blood on fishing kayak

needle fish caught in kayak 08_2012

fishing kayak beached after trip - FL August 2012

lizard fish caught in kayak

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6 thoughts on ““Blood On My Yak” – Kayak Fisherman Fishing In Shark Infested Waters. By Gary Rankel”

  1. Outstanding job, that fish chopped off at the gils is way coooooooooool!

    Congrats on a Bloody Day. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  2. Yeh, the trout was a keeper, Jeff, even with the tail cut off.

  3. Those sharks seem lazy to me! If they already cut that trout’s tail, why didn’t they go all the way and fillet it?…

  4. Maybe they prefer the taste of bluefish over trout, Marco.

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