Installing a Transducer in My W Fishing Kayak, By John Fabina

I recently upgraded to a combo fish finder GPS unit. I was using a suction cup to hold the transducer to the side of the W but I noticed it would create drag and occasionally fall off. I tried several different methods to mount it in the inside of the W and shoot it through the hull, not so successfully. Again sometimes the simplest method works the best. I wish I would have tried this first. On YouTube tube I noticed a installation using duct seal. I purchased 1lb. at under $3.
Simply form a well at the bottom, lay transducer flat to surface , pinch some of the duct seal over it to hold in place. When you start kayaking simply put a slight amount of water in the well you formed to cover bottom of the transducer and start enjoying drag free readings. This duct seal sticks great, is waterproof, remains soft, and is portable. If you want to move it to another W simply peel off and reset it.



Transducer for fishfinder installed in bottom of fishing kayak hull

fishing kayak rigged with fish finder and transducer in bottom of hull

Wisconsin kayak fisherman showing chunky bass he caught

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  1. Gary Thorberg

    I have a few pictures relating to John’s transducer set-up. Mine is a
    thru-hull transducer that only requires that you dunk it in the water
    and throw it in the bottom of the boat. The blue foam is only to keep
    it upright. Works every time, and is very quick and easy.


    W Fishing Kayaks in Minnesota

    Transducer for fish finder - fishing kayak

    Transducer for fish finder - fishing kayak

    Transducer for fish finder - fishing kayak

  2. Rox

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, I like that duct seal. 🙂

    I checked out the video, very easy to do.

    I do hate the drag my setup causes when I keep it down while moving, so
    this is perfect solution. 🙂

    Thanks for the great reports and info. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  3. Mike Haug


    What type of through the hull transducer is that? Where did you find it? Sounds like as great idea.


  4. Michael Chesloff


    Many thanks for this excellent solution. I had tried it with plumbers putty but it just doesn’t have enough adhesion. Switched to duct seal the day you wrote this article and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. For what its worth I am using a newer unit with “down scan imaging”. The transducer is long, tubular and definitely not designed for “shoot through the hull” but you would never know it. No more frustration with weeds wrapping around the transducer and the arm it’s mounted on. Also, though it takes a few minutes, I get surface water temperatures too! Every Wavewalk owner should switch to this method.


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