W Kayak Website Hype – True Or False? By Mike Hancock

These gals were experienced kayakers, and they came to test the W kayak –
They have been renting sit-on-tops for a couple of years now, and they almost went and bought two of those, but thought they’d test out a Wavewalk kayak first, to see for themselves IF THE WEBSITE HYPE WAS TRUE OR NOT.
They both stood-up and paddled around standing up. They both loved the comfort and stability of the plastic chair sitting over the saddle too! They both said it was just as stable with the chair. I sure think it is! They also said that sit-on-tops, no matter what you do, you’re wet after about 10 minutes… just from wave and paddle splash. But not in these W kayaks – they keep you dry!

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

They tested holding onto the chain fence railing beside the dock and could NOT get the hull they were standing in to go below the waterline and take on water, even standing on one leg with the other up in the air. They both said what I thought: if you get that far out of balance (without the fence to hold to) you’ll fall out before you ever take on water over the side.

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

paddling standing in the stand-up kayak, California

They loved the kayaks…  They live in Huntington Beach about 2 hours from here.
After they had tested the W, these two experienced kayakers sure thought the W website hype was true!




6 thoughts on “W Kayak Website Hype – True Or False? By Mike Hancock”

  1. That’s a great review, Mike.
    Your clients saved the money they would have had to spend on a special double kayak car rack, had they decided to buy other kayaks, and they saved more money on special kayak seats they don’t need in their W kayaks, and on top of this they saved the money they would have had to spend buying rudders that they would never need with their W kayaks…
    In sum, they got the world’s best kayak, and the only one worthy of being called a stable and ergonomic kayak, while saving big bucks.
    -“Egg in your beer”? – You tell me 😉

  2. I thought hype is not true by definition. It never occurred to me that W was hyping anything, since the product itself is sensational from a technical standpoint, and its fans’ enthusiasm is anchored in their own, real-life experience with it.

  3. What’s Hype?
    Dictionaries define Hyperbole as “a way of emphasizing what you are saying by describing it as far more extreme than it really is”, and “extravagant exaggeration”
    If a manufacturer tells unbelievable things about their product, and these things turn out to be true, that’s not hype, but the simple truth.
    And if another manufacturer tells stuff about their product that’s not true, they’re not hyping, but simply telling lies.

  4. Just FYI the Girls didn’t use the word “hype.”

    What they said was, (1) they researched the website thoroughly and saw a lot of features that sounded like great ideas. (2) They said that if the boat was anywhere near as good as the comments owners and uses described, they wanted a Wavewalk rather that a SOT. (3) In order to find out, they decided to come up and tested one.

    I inserted the word “hype” as a slang abbreviation most of us understand to try and save myself writing out those three sentences above.

    And you are all correct. It’s NOT ‘hype” if it’s true. But UNTIL someone actually tests one to find out…they can think anything they want inside their own mind. And one of those things is…this must be a bunch of “hype!” “It sounds to good to be true.”

    So the challenge IS…do you sit back and let the negative doubts, that all minds are capable of generating defeat you? Do you let negative doubt hold you back from experiencing a terrific product? Or, do you come on up and test one for yourself like the girls did! It’s the ONLY way to true find out for yourself.

  5. This is a most educational and useful discussion.
    It’s not the content of the website that really matters, since other kayak manufactures say similar things about the products they offer…
    What matters is whether what’s said is true or not.

    All we can do about this is keep telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, including the part about what we’re saying being the truth 🙂

    The truth shall prevail.

  6. Congrats on a great review and test ride.

    Those Ladies made the best choice ever, buying the W500.

    They will never rent a yak again.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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