Review of Tandem Stand-Up Fishing Kayak, By Clint Miller, New York

Absolutely love the W kayak!!
There has been no issue with my lower back.
Being able to stand up is absolutely the best part about it!
My girl and I have been out every weekend the last 6 weeks and are going strong.
Tandem paddling was really easy too.
The Wavewalk was a godsend for me, and was the only way I could have gotten back on the water in a kayak.
The bass in the picture I caught yesterday on a place called Round lake in eastern NY. It weighed almost 6 lbs.
Keep in touch…thanks for everything,

young kayak fisherman showing 6 lbs bass caught in Round lake, eastern New York

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5 thoughts on “Review of Tandem Stand-Up Fishing Kayak, By Clint Miller, New York”

  1. It’s nice to see a picture of a young W kayak fisherman from time to time. It’s not just older people who care about their back. Too bad the W is somehow pricey, and therefore out of reach for many younger kayakers, and anglers.

  2. The average cost of a kayak in the US is less than $600, and most kayaks sold here are cheaper than average, of course.
    Fishing kayaks are more expensive, but it’s possible to find cheap ones too.

    Typically, people who can afford buying expensive kayaks are middle aged and elderly.
    The same is true for motorboats, cars, motorbikes, etc…

  3. Congrats on the nice Chunky Large Mouth Bass.

    The Wave walk yaks are the Bomb, very glad the W500 got you back on the
    water fishing.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. Depends on what level of kayaking you want to do really, I agree with you that older people are more likely to be able to afford a decent kayak, not really into the fishing but I do like kayaking big time!



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