W Fishing Kayaks in End of Year Celebration For Scholarship Students – Mexico

On Saturday, June 2, 2012, Susie and I volunteered our W Kayaks and assistance to the “Castaway Kids” end of year celebration for scholarship students. Castaway Kids is a nonprofit organization of American, Canadian, and Mexican volunteers and donors from San Carlos/ Guaymas, Sonora-Mexico, helping provide scholarships for kids from families that can’t afford further education and have shown tremendous desire and commitment to continue with schooling. Approximately 70 kids 14-20 yrs of age participated in the celebration.

The beach party was held at “Zorro Beach” (Mask of Zorro 1998 movie was filmed here), and the kayak activity was coordinated by Ian Vowles who heads up our “Seafarin Kayakers” group.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

John Castanha

kayak party in Zorro Beach - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

paddling fishing kayaks in Zorro Beach - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

Tandem paddling in fishing kayak - Sea of Cortez

Tandem paddling in fishing kayak - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

ZORRO BEACH - Mexico.jpg

Zorro Beach, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

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  1. Rox

    What a great gesture, lending your W500 for the kids to enjoy.

    Looks like everyone had a great day on the water.

    There is a place for kind people like yourselves.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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