Sungjin’s Offshore Tandem Motorized Fishing Kayak Trip

Sungjin did it again, big time!

He created this outrigger system from foam boards and aluminum rods that he cut and assembled himself.

Outrigger for motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

His goal: motorized tandem kayak fishing in the ocean, and he fully succeeded:

tandem motorized fishing kayak in ocean fishing trip - South Korea

two South Korean kayak fishermen in their tandem motorized fishing kayak - offshore trip.jpg

The 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard motor is powerful enough to propel this W fishing kayak and its tandem crew at a good speed:

Sungjin and his friend get serious about fishing:

two stringed fish motorized tandem fishing kayak - South Korea

And here Sungjin’s fellow fisherman is filleting a fish on board their kayak, and preparing it for for their lunch on board:

lunch on board tandem motorized offshore fishing kayak- Korea.jpg

Time to beach the kayak and get some rest:

South Korean kayak fisherman resting on the beach with kayak.jpg

And here is Sungjin’s outrigger tandem motorized fishing kayak, beached on this beautiful South Korean beach:

motorized tandem fishing kayak beached on South Korean shore.jpg

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  1. W kayak

    Simply amazing!!

  2. Knucklewalker

    I’m a paddler, and I don’t fish, but the sight of these fish freshly cut on board made me rethink the whole thing – I love to eat fish!
    And I must admit that motor looks cool…

  3. Sungjin1 Kim

    Korean people like sashimi very much.
    Especially Korean appreciate the immediate sashimi on the boat.
    I worry about that this movie makes foreigner to think Korean people strange.

  4. Rox

    Outstanding report Sungjin.

    Those are wonderful video’s and the fresh fish for lunch.

    The W500 can do it all, tandem fishing in the salt water and filleting the catch onboard on top of it all.

    Congrats on a wonderful day.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. W kayak

    Everybody loves sashimi, and it goes without saying that the fresher the better.
    I found your movie very inspiring, and so did my wife and kids 🙂

  6. Gary Rankel

    Hey Sungjin……….What a great story. You sure know how to spend a nice day on the water and don’t even have to worry about making dinner when you return home. Just one comment – I sure hope you can catch a few bigger fish over there in S Korea.

  7. W kayak

    North American anglers have it easy, but in other places around the world, especially ones that are densely populated, there aren’t that many big fish left, mainly as a result of commercial overfishing.

  8. Sungjin Kim

    Yes, in this season I will catch big fish and more sashimi!

  9. W kayak

    Americans love sashimi, sushi, etc. and there are countless Japanese and Korean restaurants here, even in small towns.
    Americans also love to fish, and some do it from kayaks, and yet, I’ve never seen anyone here eating the fish they caught while they’re still on board their kayak.
    You’ve shown how to do it with sashimi, and I wonder if anyone will ever attempt to cook on board a W kayak on a small camping stove…
    Bon Apetit! 😀

  10. Fish Wiz

    Japanese and Korean restaurants are more expensive than American, Mexican, Chinese and Italian restaurants, which are the most popular. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because it takes more time to prepare Japanese and Korean food, or because fish is more expensive than meat, or both.

  11. George in Northern CA

    Awesome setup! That would be cool for just cruising around.

  12. fish kayak

    Here’s a new article with More information on outriggers: How effective are outriggers for your fishing kayak’s stability?

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