New Video: Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Outboard Motor, By Gary Thorberg

This is a hand crafted, side motor mount for both electric and gas outboard motors. It’s easy to install and it works great, as you can see from this demo video:


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  1. Sungjin Kim

    Isn’t there any other stabilizer?

  2. Pete

    But Sungjin has a point – What if there’s no-one in the cockpit? Would the motor’s weight pull down the kayak on one side, and get it to lean sideways a little too much?…
    Also, does turning to the right require more caution because of the destabilizing effect of the combined motor’s weight and thrust?

  3. Gary

    So far, I have yet to have the kayak floating by itself without me in it! No problem with it tipping over on shore, however. As for the steering….it is not as responsive as mounting it on the transom, but works just fine. The advantages of having it on the side far outweigh any minor steering issue. It seems to ride pretty level, even with the weight imbalance. Works great for trolling!

  4. Rox

    Another nice job with the mounts.

    Thanks for all the great info and reports.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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