High and Dry in My Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, By Ted Stevens

I bought my Wavewalk a couple of months ago.
I fly fish on the Indian River Lagoon in South East Florida where I live and the “W” fit my needs almost perfect, but at 64 years old I wanted more stability and such a higher vantage point when I needed it.
It really makes it a one man fishing machine and I absolutely love it.
I had labored over my decision to buy a stand up fishing Kayak for months reviewing almost everything including the [build-in outriggers kayak] line of boats that are sold at our local fly shop here in Stuart Florida.
I knew I wanted the stability of “W” and I wanted to be able to take a passenger on occasion.
I’m going to outfit my W kayak with the cockpit hooks and bungee as I don’t think there is a better more affordable way to keep my boat dry will it is sitting on the floating dock waiting for me to use it. Plus I love the idea that I can deploy it when caught out here in our rather numerous summer rain storms and hide under it until it lets up.
I paddle the boat standing on the platform, and use it that way a lot in the back creeks and small mangrove lagoons.
Ted Stevens

Pictures of my “W” outfitted with a leaning post and outrigger pontoon system:

fly fishing kayak with high standing platform for sight fishing

paddling a stand up fly fishing kayak with passenger on board

paddling a stand up fly fishing kayak with passenger on board

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  1. Argo

    Cool! This watercraft calls for an outboard motor, if you ask me

  2. Fish Wiz

    I can definitely see this thing outfitted with a 2 HP Honda outboard, and all the neighbors envying Ted 😀

  3. Rox

    Great job on the rigging, you’ll never tip that bad boy over. 🙂

    Yes, an outboard motor would work great, anywhere from 1ph to 2hp pushes
    that W500 great.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  4. fish kayak

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