Sneaking In Shallow Water For Bluegills, By John Fabina

My Wavewalk allowed me to get into some Bluegills.
A regular boat would have spooked the fish, that’s if a boat would have been able to get to this spot in the first place.
I was able to sneak up in the shallow, weedy, back water areas to locate the Gills.
I kept a few of the nicer ones for a fresh Gill fry.


Wavewalk fishing kayak moving silently through the lilly pads

Bluegill fishing from a kayak

Kept a bluegill few for a fry

sunset on the water at the end of a kayak fishing trip

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  1. W kayak

    Yummy! 🙂

  2. Paul Z

    Nice fish! Which reminds me I have to get my own w kayak out of mothballs…

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