W Fishing Kayak Rigged For Oceanographic Research

Peter Traykovski is an oceanographer who specializes in Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering. He works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. WHOI is the world’s largest private, non-profit oceanographic research institution, and a global leader in the study and exploration of the ocean.
Peter is also an avid kayaker and surfer…
Peter needed a small, lightweight, stable, dry and comfortable boat, in which he could spend long hours in the ocean. After testing various options, he chose the W500, which he outfitted with a 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard, as well as various scientific instruments. Says Peter: –

Working great so far… Have it mostly rigged for science, just a few finishing touches required.
Did a quick survey of Woods Hole Harbor last week with the Honda motor and the Hummingbird sidescan and was pleased with the results. Put some sump pumps in tonight for keeping water out in rougher conditions. Just need to finish integrating the RTK GPS and will be all set. I am shipping it to North Carolina for a project studying a tidal inlet next week so that will its first major test. Will send some more pics when I get a chance.

Peter paddling his fishing kayak in rough sea Cape Cod Massachusetts
W kayak in the surf – Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Woods Hole harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Woods Hole harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


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  1. Interesting…
    If I had to spend the whole day in a small, portable craft, scanning the bottom of the ocean, I guess would have chosen the W as well.

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