A Successful Kayak Fishing Trip – Oklahoma

Had a great day at Hartshorne lake in SE Oklahoma today with my versatile Wave-walk fishing kayak. When I arrived at about 3:00pm everyone had left the lake due to the wind. A couple of folks who were just leaving warned me not to go out. The W is no problem in the wind and I paddled easily out to the lily pads where I parked my W right in a patch of them to secure my position without needing an anchor in the strong wind.
With the wind to my back I could cast into the “lanes” between patches of lily pads and harvest the fattest of the perch that I had come to fish for.
With an ultra light spinning rig a bobber, a #6 snelled hook, a split shot weight and some red worms I began catching slabbers one right after another!
The windy conditions were no setback for the W and I had the lake to myself.
I culled out the biggest fish, and let the rest go for another day.
Of all the fish available for eating in Oklahoma, for myself, nothing beats a pan fried bream and there are many members of this tasty albeit boney species throughout the state to enjoy.
The Wave-walk kayak is so easy to move around and tote to and from the car/truck that even if you’re only blessed with half a day or just a couple of hours you can fish in your window of opportunity due to the ease of getting to and from your favorite fishing spots.
Wave-walk has revolutionized my favorite past time with the W kayak as my simple, stable and efficient answer to a fishing platform, especially on small easily accessed lakes and bayous.

Robin Gleason

Stringed fish caught in Oklahoma kayak fishing trip
Stringed fish caught in Oklahoma kayak fishing trip

Green fishing kayak on pickup truck rack, Oklahoma

Green fishing kayak on pickup truck rack, Oklahoma

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  1. Thanks Robin, this is a great review!
    The fish in that lake may have felt some relief when the wind started blowing, thinking it would drive the anglers out… Little did they know that you were headed in their direction with a kayak that’s pretty much immune to strong wind 😀

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