Kayak Fishing Trip in Ozello, FL, By Gary Rankel

My little fisheryaker group is growing. We all stay in touch on the water via VHF radio, and conclude our trips with lunch at a local restaurant on the water where we trade fish stories, which makes for fun days –
More Ozello trout and redfish, and a few needle fish today fishing with fellow Wavewalkers Bob Smaldone and Dick Sherman along with a couple of other non-W friends. I happened to snap a picture of Bob taking a picture of me holding up a red.

group of kayak fishermen fishing in Ozello, FL
Bob, the fly angler seen paddling standing up in his W fishing kayak, doing sight fishing

red fish in kayak, Ozello, FL

trout in fishing kayak, Ozello, FL

trout and fishing kayak, Ozello, FL
Gary's green "Packeryakker" fishing machine

needle fish in kayak, Ozello, FL

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3 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Trip in Ozello, FL, By Gary Rankel”

  1. I’d call this a fishing expedition 🙂
    Great pictures btw

  2. Five boats is a fleet, and we should call Gary “Admiral” – Great Job!

  3. You guys have a yaking convoy!

    Great pictures and great fishing. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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