W Kayak For Fishing and Bird Watching, by Russell Dodd, Western Australia

Due to back problems, conventional kayaks and canoes have become unusable for Russell, so he ordered a W500 for himself to paddle solo and in tandem with his wife Wendy:

It got a first run up the Canning River. Wendy & I got in straight up and pushed off – I must say it very stable and everything I expected it to be.
Paddling double up required some focus, as I am used to a Canadian Canoe which is what we used in Zimbabwe.
As a fishing and bird watching platform the W500 is certainly is a great unit. The bird watching from the kayak has been great.

Most of my focus has been directed towards sorting out a pulley harness to store the kayak in our garage roof and make it easy to load when we go out.
Also thinking about installing a forward mount electric trolling motor that’s foot controlled and leaves your hands free for other things – used to be great for bass fishing in Zimbabwe.

Everything is fine – have not used the kayak as much as I would have liked.
I am still taking things very slowly still.
Wendy and I have had 2 great trips on the sea out to Penguin Island and Seal Island just south of Rockingham which we loved. On the last trip I had a session standing and paddling on my own which certainly highlighted why I went for the W500, plus how much less drag there is opposed to carrying 2 up.
On Saturday I took a friend up the Canning which he loved.
Plans in April / May to go up to Denmark, 450kms south of Perth to test it on the inlets there & hopefully will get some photos for you.
The only photos I have taken to date are of mostly of birds and some of the seals and for that the W500 has proved to be wonderful – it gets you right into the zone. Within a year or 2 we should also get back up to the Ningaloo reef off Exmouth again which is what I really wanted the Kayak for – To get us out to the whales just on the edge of the reef and the fishing.
I have made up a roof extension frame to help load up the W500 onto our Grand Vitara roof – thanks to the good advice from your site and current project is to make some trolley wheels so I can manage on my own.
At least the w500 gets me into spots that are good for the soul.

Russell Dodd

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2 thoughts on “W Kayak For Fishing and Bird Watching, by Russell Dodd, Western Australia”

  1. Interesting… have guys actually paddled in tandem in the ocean?
    It would be great to see some wildlife photos from your neck of the woods.
    Art Kalma

  2. Congrats on the new W500.

    Taking it slow is a good thing, learn how your yak handles.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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