Fishing Kayak Transportation Wheel, South Korea

Sungjin Kim, Wavewalk’s distributor of fishing kayaks in South Korea, published a comprehensive article on the subject of transportation wheel for the W kayak.
In his article, Sungjin shows solutions developed by W kayakers around the world – From small wheels that fit into a hull tip once the kayak is in the water, to huge, inflatable wheels that double as extra flotation on the water.
Here is a wheel solution that one of Sungjin’s clients came up with. It’s small, lightweight, and can be attached to the W kayak without installing extra hardware. It’s also easy and quick to attach and detach.

Wheel for transporting fishing kayak, Korea
Wheel for transporting fishing kayak, Korea

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  1. Simple, easy, effective, lightweight, small –
    In other words ingenious!

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