First Fish Caught in My W Kayak

I took my wavewalk kayak on a fishing trip for the first time this week.
Launching out of Serenia Vista park in Cape Coral, a park dedicated to kayaking and kayak fishing, complete with trailer parking was the perfect choice.
It is a very short paddle to highly productive mangroves that hold snook, redfish and a host of other species.
I paddled for about five minutes and pulled up to a flat where I decided to give it a go. Within a few minutes I had caught my first fish. It was a 20 inch snook that leaped out of the water and put on a full show. I quickly realized for myself that one of the great things about the wavewalk kayak is the ability to stand up at will when a fish strikes. For any serious fisherman it’s a natural reaction. I caught a few other fish during the afternoon, included a nice size mangrove snapper that I took home for dinner.

Jeff Taubes,

Cape Coral, Florida

first fish in kayak, Cape Coral, FL

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5 thoughts on “First Fish Caught in My W Kayak”

  1. Thanks Jeff,

    I believe you’d also appreciate the unique ability the W offers to sit down quickly and easily anytime, in case you need to do so when you’re battling a strong fish.

    Just imagine what it feels standing there with a lunker fighting hard at the end of your line, and at the same time you’re getting hit by a big wake sent by a motorboat passing nearby at high speed… No big deal if this happens to you when you’re standing up in your W kayak: The worst case scenario is you sit down on the saddle, regain your balance instantly, and get up again in no time, and without any hassle.
    But if that happens when you’re standing up on some other yak, the likely scenario is a rather unpleasant (and wet) one, to say the least 😉

  2. Congrats on your new dealership and 1st fish, and above all the good weather…

  3. Congrats on the first of many fish to come over the sides of your W500.
    And on your new dealership.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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  5. When I was a kid my father and I used to fish every weekend, I really enjoyed the time when we were together. Fishing is somehow a great activity to strengthen bonds between you and a family member, It’s kinda relaxing and enjoyable moments. I really missed that time. It’s really a perfect place for fishing, Nice!.


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