Another Good Day For Wayne Taylor Kayak Bass Fishing In Florida

Fishing for bass has been Wayne’s passion for decades.
However, fishing out of an ordinary fishing kayak was out of the question for him, as it would be for most anglers. Several years ago, when he was 68 years old, he got himself an early W300 model, and outfitted it with a pair of rowing oars – He needed the extra precision in positioning his kayak for casting, and for reeling in the big ones.

Back then, the stabler W500 series was merely at an early research and development stage at Wavewalk.
Having a somehow impaired sense of balance, coupled with a talent for design and craftsmanship, Wayne created a pair of DIY outriggers to fit his his W300 kayak.

Wayne recently wrote us: -“I haven’t made any more modifications to my Wavewalk. It’s set up perfect for me.”

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fish Net

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fish Net

Three years ago, Wayne sent us this video showing him rowing his W300 kayak with deadly precision, from a fish’ standpoint (or should we say ‘swim point’?…).

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More information on outriggers: How effective are outriggers for your fishing kayak’s stability?


  1. Fish Wiz

    Good day indeed. Wayne, you’re a champ!

  2. BrianC


  3. jesse bearden

    I’ve known Wayne since he was 10 years old….he’s an interesting fellow.

  4. Rox

    Great to see a report from you Wayne. 🙂

    I’m very happy to hear you are still plugging along down there in Florida.

    Congrats on the beautiful Bass.

    I’m chomping at the bit up here in Ct, though we had little ice that was
    safe to be on, it’s all melting now, and I’ll be back out there very soon.

    Tight lines and paddle safe all.

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