W500 Kayak Fully Rigged For Fishing, Review By Mike Hewczuk, Texas

I have been meaning to send you these awhile ago, the w500 has exceeded my expectations in so many ways! Thank you for all that you did to take care of the first one that was lost in shipping.
The two attached photos were from the second time I had it on the water. The first time was as soon as I had taken it out of the box I ran to a small pond around the corner of my house.
As you can see I went a little overboard,
She is named “My Lil Cory” after my best friend and wife.
I have a total of 7 rod holders for regular sized rods, 1 fly rod holder, one ultra light holder, a Humming bird 597 CI/HD/DI GPS unit, skid tape on the bottom, & a anchor trolly with a stake out stick.
I plan on adding lights to it so I can do some night fishing.
Thanks again for making an outstanding fishing kayak!
Best regards,
Mike Hewczuk

kayak fully rigged for fishing, Houston, Texas

kayak fully rigged for fishing, Houston, Texas

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10 thoughts on “W500 Kayak Fully Rigged For Fishing, Review By Mike Hewczuk, Texas”

  1. Great job! That’s what I call ready to meet any eventuality…
    This fishing rig looks almost like a prototype of a new weapons system! 😀

  2. Mike,

    Awesome setup! Can you give us the details of your “skid tape” and what kind of wheels you have on your cart? Much appreciated.

    Waiting for the ice to melt in MA,

  3. What I see in this setup is yet another proof that rigging your w 500 with crate isn’t necessary

  4. Outstanding set up.

    I love the rodholder/stake out pole/yak cart.

    Tight lines and paddle safe all.

  5. The Skid tape is called KeelEazy, it’s a 2″ wide hard plastic tape. I purchased 50′ to have about a 4″ strip of coverage on both halls. I just received another 50 foot so that the W500 is 100% protected on the bottom. So if you plan on doing the same you will need a total of 100′. The wheel set up was a prototype that was a fail only due to me using a piece of hollow aluminum tubing as an axle. The wheels came from Lowe’s or Home Depot, they were solid hard rubber, but I wanted to give them a little bit of cushioning so I drilled holes around the rubber. Similar to the air boss tires for construction equipment. The concept worked great at home on the driveway but after I took it to the lake and loaded it with all the gear the axle got a little bit bent as you can see in the pictures. The Rocket launcher is made up of schedule 40 PVC, I used both glue and pins so that I can position & configure it for different setup’s and to lower if I need to go under low spots. I also have a mount for my KODAK Play Sport HD video camera mounted to the PVC rack. To mount my fish finder I used a PVC 1X4 as the base than mounted a Scotty 3 spot rod holder base. I will work on getting some better pictures added over the next few weeks.
    Be Safe & Tight Lines!

  6. Mike,

    Thanks for the additional info. Now we’re all waiting for the videos from your HD camera! 😀


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