New W Kayak Fishing Cap – in Khaki

Here’s some really exciting news!  😉

Wavewalk is now offering a W paddling & fishing cap in khaki, with the W logo embroidered on it in blue, as seen in this picture:

kayak Fishing Cap - Khaki

Anyone can own this cool (and sometimes warm) cap for a mere eighteen bucks, shipping included, if they order a W kayak with it… 😀

Well, I guess this is all I found to say about this item…



  1. Knucklewalker

    This thing will have to wait until I order a new W.
    Any difference between this cap and the blue one, besides color?

  2. W kayak

    Both are made from cotton, but this one is pretty light, while the blue one is made from a heavier cloth.

  3. GOFOS

    beautiful hat! 🙂
    can I get one ?

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