Wavewalk Kayak Transom Motor Mount For Motors Featuring a Short, 15″ Propeller Shaft

This product is discontinued

We do not recommend using any motor, gas or electric, whose propeller shaft is shorter than 20″, namely a full, long (standard L size).
The 20″ distance is measured from the inner top side of the motor’s clamp bracket to the ventilation plate above its propeller.

Wavewalk® Transom Motor Mount Model TMM 15 For motors featuring a short, 15″ propeller shaft

Our Wavewalk® kayaks can be outfitted with electric trolling motors, as well as small outboard gas engines.
While we recommend outfitting the Wavewalk® kayaks with motors featuring a long, 20″ propeller shaft, we’re aware of the fact that few small outboard gas engines on the market feature such long shafts, and most old and new small outboards available feature a shorter, 15″ propeller shaft.

We designed this version of the Wavewalk® Transom Motor Mount (TMM) for such short shaft motors:

kayak transom motor mount for 15" long propeller shaft

Unlike the motor mount for 20″ long shafts, this mount cannot be attached directly behind the cockpit, since that would prevent using the clamp screws that fasten the motor to the mount.
Therefore, this mount should be attached to the Wavewalk kayak at a few inches distance behind the cockpit’s rear end, in a manner that would make it possible for the user to tighten and loosen the clamp screws without experiencing any problem.
This distance depends on the type and size of clamps your motor comes with.

Kayak Compatibility: The TMM 15  motor mount fits Wavewalk® kayaks from the 500 and 570 series.

Motor Compatibility: The TMM 15 fits electric trolling motors and outboard gas motors up to 2.5 hp. Important: We recommend outfitting the motor with a long, articulated tiller extension that enables the driver to steer from the middle of the cockpit and not from its rear.

Material: The TMM 15  is crafted from 1″ thick Trex board.
Trex is an environmentally friendly, composite material made from recycled and reclaimed plastic, and reclaimed wood. No trees are cut down for the purpose of making Trex. This material is widely used as decking and railing material since it will not splinter, rot or deteriorate due to harsh weather or insects. Trex resists damage from moisture and sunlight, which makes it a better alternative to wood for this matter. Unlike wood, Trex requires no painting, coating or maintenance.

Dimensions: The TMM 15 is 4.25″ high and 20″ wide, and it weighs 5 lbs.

Attachment: This transom motor mount is easily attached to the Wavewalk® kayak by means of two bolts. We recommend attaching the TMM 15 as close as possible to the cockpit in order to improve stability, access to the motor’s controls, handling, steering and safety.
However, before deciding where to drill, you should check the following:
1. Does the distance allow for enough room for the motor’s clamp screws?
2. Does the distance allow for the motor to lock when its propeller shaft is in the upward position?


Check before you mark and drill: A 15″ (short) shaft outboard motor attached to a TMM 15 transom mount before the holes for the mount’s bolts are drilled

Once you find the desired distance between the motor mount and the cockpit’s rear end, and attach the mount in its place, you may want to close the gap with a plate of wood, plywood, MDO or Trex, in order to prevent spray projected by the propeller shaft from entering the cockpit.

  • Price:  $95.
  • Shipping:

No extra charge when shipped together with a Wavewalk TM kayak
When shipped separately: $20 S&H in the continental US (48 states)
When shipped separately: $25 S&H to Canada and Alaska

2.5 hp outboard motor attached to a TMM 15 transom mount

2.5 hp outboard motor attached to a TMM 15 transom mount

Safety and Operation


Before going on a motorized trip, verify that the wide wooden bolt knobs that secure the motor mount to the boat are safely tightened to the maximum. Failing to tighten the bolt knobs could result in unwanted vibrations and noise. If you feel such unusual vibrations and/or hear unusual noise, stop the motor, turn around, and tighten the bolt knobs to the max.
Driving with loose bolt knobs is hazardous, similarly to driving with the motor’s clamp screws loose, and it could result in an accident.

Never operate the motor without the motor’s stop switch (“kill-switch”) attached to your arm.

For motor operation and maintenance please refer to the motor’s owner’s manual.

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