Offshore, Motorized Kayak Fishing Trip on December 31st (Korea)

Sungjin reports about members of the South Korean Sea Dreamer Kayak Fishing club, who are avid anglers, courageous, and technically savvy: These guys outfitted their fishing kayaks with outriggers and outboard gas motors, and endured a kayak fishing trip in the ocean on December 31st, in very cold weather. The fishing expedition included a few traditional SOT kayaks, and a W500 kayak, which unlike the other kayaks, was operated by a crew of two.

offshore tandem fishing kayak with outriggers and an outboard gas engine, South Korea


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8 thoughts on “Offshore, Motorized Kayak Fishing Trip on December 31st (Korea)”

  1. I visited the Korean website, and then I followed the link to the local kayak fishing club’s site. Very interesting story! These guys are fearless, and they don’t seem to care a bit about comfort!… If the two guys in the motorized w500 look frozen, have a look at this guy, who’s not just cold, but wet too:

  2. That is awesome, Cold winter weather and fishing in the ocean. 🙂

    The stabilizers are perfect for two in the W500, even better with the one fishermen.

    Thanks Sungjin for keeping the fishing reports coming.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. They must really LOVE fishing to get out to sea in December!
    So this guy has a paddle, pedal drive, and a motor on board?… Something tells me at least one of the three is redundant, probably the pedal drive 😉

  4. @pablo
    Good point. From what I saw, all yaks in this small group except the w had pedal drives, which shows that when push comes to shove, regardless of the mega hype manufacturers and vendors create around it, a pedal drive doesn’t cut it for real offshore trips. It’s no match for waves, currents, and wind.
    I’m starting to like to idea of an outboard motor even more!

  5. My two cents: For the anglers in this group who are using motorized SOT kayaks, this is an extreme adventure, but for the two anglers seated in their motorized W500, it’s not an extreme adventure, but a rather casual, offshore fishing trip in a cold winter day.

  6. Looks like two guys on the W500, in fact, they are old husband and wife.
    I heard they always go out fishing together.
    Maybe sitting near the stern is wife.
    I envy their LOVE!

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