Jeff’s Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak – New Review and Movie

Jeff McGovern reviews his rigged W500 fishing kayak:

Hands down the finest fishing kayak I’ve ever used.
That is coming from someone who has used others, plus has them on the rack at the house and makes a serious choice for on the water time. My W500 is like a pickup truck on the water, the kind that has a high performance engine under the hood. It’s tough, sturdy, and made for the angler. Standing to fish is not a balancing act nor is it a stunt to show the stability of the design. It’s a boat where standing is as natural as sitting. Casting distances are far better sitting or standing since the angler can put their whole body into a cast not just flail an arm. With my little fishing rods from Emmrod I’m locked and loaded to catch fish not fool with equipment.
Of course there is a problem, the W500 really has spoiled me. Tough to even consider fishing out of anything else. My friend Yoav Rosen created quite a watercraft in the Wavewalk.
This short movie is my setup as of 12-31-11.


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2 thoughts on “Jeff’s Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak – New Review and Movie”

  1. Thanks Jeff,
    Simple design, simple rigging, simple review – Simplicity rules: nothing beats simplicity.

  2. Beautiful layout, hope the 2012 season brings many trips and fish to hand Jeff.

    Happy New Year.

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